The Rose of Cheldraen


While passing through the forest, Bertand falls into a spiked pit trap, but is mostly unharmed because of his armor. The party is assaulted by 6 kobolds with spears and Dwindler, Sen, and Willow are seriously injured. Bertand and Thoraim manage to fight off half of them and scare away the rest. Thoraim gives chase while Bertand tends to the wounded. Thoraim runs down the exhausted kobolds and kills one while the other two split in opposite directions. The poor dwarf is now lost in the forest. Bertand blares his war horn and Thoraim manages to follow the sound back to the party. They hop into their horses and continue down the road.

Attracted by the sound of the horn, a group of 8 goblins ambush the party no more than 40 minutes later. They spring nets before and after the party on the road and hail sling bullets onto them, knocking out all but Bertand. Bertand feigns being knocked out. As the goblins approach the party, Bertand cantrips a flame under one of the horses and spooks it. Taking advantage of the panic he surprises the goblins and bashes in 3 of them. Scared, the goblins run. After rousing the rest of the party, they mount their horses and ride hard to the next town to get out of the forest.

After 2.5 hours, they get to town and begin to resupply. They trade all but one of their horses for supplies, spells, armor, new outfits and lodging. They all discard their uniforms and begin to find some work in town to pay their way while waiting for their armor to be finished. Bertand works at the cooper during the day and at the livery at night. Sen devotes himself at the local Church of Talsine and receives his vestments and has his holy symbol blessed (a georgeous piece of silver jewelry worth 600gp). Willow and Dwindler spend their time practicing their spells against unsuspecting objects throughout town. Thoraim mostly drinks and sings in the tavern.

After about a week, word has spread that Fort Valemont has fallen and the barony had fallen into Kelgruthorn occupation. The military forces march into town and the party lays low.

Considering that they can no longer cross the border south back into their original kingdom, they instead turn north to wander the new country that they have found themselves suddenly citizens of. Along the way, Bertand hopes to achieve atonement for his grisly murders.


NDaedalus NDaedalus

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