The Rose of Cheldraen

Midnight Snack, Session 2

The party spent the rest of the night resting and recuperating. In the morning, Dwindler and Bertand had a disagreement regarding how to reveal to the villagers their success. Bertand wanted to chock and awe the crowd by showing the bodies of the monsters to show that they were mortal and could be defeated. Dwindler worried about victims (such as the three year old survivor) seeing them and being scarred again. In the end, Bertand showed the corpses in all of their might and gruesomeness, while Dwindler went walking into the back reaches of the fields and practiced her magic conjuring illusions of giants and scaring the occasional peasant. The crowd was shocked, and inspired. Somewhere in the back of the crowd a little girl shrieks in horror, and a large man with a leather apron picks her up, glares angrily at the party, and carries her off. After free ale and food in the tavern, the party asks for volunteers who can cantrip to help in the detection of these monsters. Four volunteers step forward: two farmers, one young teenage boy, and the creepy apothecary. After sharing drinks and dwarf song from Thoraim, they agree to meet just before sundown and they go their merry way.

After a day of rest, study and prayer, the party gathers by the tavern as the volunteers arrive. The new plan consists of volunteers on top of the granaries ready with cantrips to send up sparks into the sky should they see anything coming. The party will pile on top of the large War horse and ride into the fray at the signal. The human should be able to see the sparks, even if the others can’t.

Early in the night, around 11 o’clock, sparks fly from the granaries in the north. The party mounts the horse, gnome on it’s neck, elf in front steering, half-elf in middle reaching back and holding the human who sits at back facing rear holding a bow and arrow. This time, there are six of the monsters. They charge straight at the party, and the party circles around them and draws them to the west of the village, firing arrows from horseback while moving, running ahead and stopping to get better aim, and moving again before the beasts catch up. A few hits and it became clear that they were turning on their injured and ripping them to shreds and devouring them. After a harrowing few minutes the arrow cache was running low, so the party sent back Dwindler’s spear to Bertand. Bertand tied a rope onto the spear, and stabbed it into the ground while maintaining a hold on the rope. Willow steered the horse around in a circle, and the rope was pulled up to the creatures at knee level. About half of them jumped over it, and the other half tripped and fell, then turned on each other. Continuing to lead the monsters, they followed the edge of town just inside the forest and kept the hits going. The monsters were ultimately taken down by the hit and run cavalry tactics. After gathering the bodies and putting them in Bill’s granary, the party and the volunteers celebrated their victory and there was more ale to share.

The next day, the party did some investigation into the monsters and their attacks. Sen went scouting to the north, the direction from which they last came. In his search, he found a light trail of recent trampling going east and west. He followed it east. The trail curved gradually southward, seeming to skirt around the town. After following it for several hours, he returned back to town. Bertand began questioning the times of the attacks and correlating them with the direction they came into town. Finally, a pattern to their attacks was discovered. All of the attacks from the north side of town came around 10-11 at night. All the attacks from the east and south came from around 12-1 in the morning. All of the attacks from the south and west came from around 2-3 in the morning. Added to the trail that Sen discovered, the party has concluded that the monsters must be coming from the Northwest, and are circling around the village so as to attack it from random angles.

Another night was spent watching for the monsters to come with the volunteers posted on the granaries. Captain Tiron and Bertand took turns watching through the night for sparks while the other party members slept.


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