The Rose of Cheldraen

Midnight Snack, Session 4

Everyone reconvened
went back to cave mouth
Bertand had a silly notion of expansion with heat (like, what is that?) from his days as a cooper
going off of this, he decided to start a bon fire in the cave mouth hoping to cause a collapse
On the way, Bertand and Thoraim are picking up log and dragging them with them.
Meanwhile, Sen grabs willow and runs off to find a bear with the notion that it could help drag the logs.
Meanwhile, Sen take off to go to the trade town looking for gunpowder to help blow up the cave.
After tracking down some bear tracks, they find a medium-sized black bear wandering about.
Sen casts Animal Friendship, and poof! he has a bear.
Upon arriving back, they had a decent start on the bon fire.
the bonfire, did not split the rocks.
They did however, accidentally discover how to make quick-lime!
After searching into their failure, Sen got a face-full and a lung-full of the salt acid, he tried to wash it off with water and made it worse!
His face started melting off, and his lungs were burning, and Bertand had to lay on hands to fix his face.
After a little experimentation, they discovered that the quicklime and water got hot enough to ignite a leaf.
New plan: heat more limestone and get more quicklime.
After much argument, a decision on a trap was made.
They created a framework of sticks, and stretched cut open waterskins to make makeshift buckets.
The buckets were filled with water and set to a trip wire.
Willow stayed behind to observe the trap, everyone else was set in town.
20 monsters came out that night.
7 of them got badly burned and fell to the ground, the other 13 ignored their wounded and kept running.
The party was all set for their usuall hit and run tactics.
Except that the 13 ignored all attacks and ran through the town straight towards the center.
Sen created water in the form of mist and took down a few of them.
They hustled back to the well and gathered water and splashed them as they passed.
They splashed twice before they got to the well.
At this point, Willow caught up.
Willow cast grease and delayed several, two made it out.
Willow whittled them down with buckets of water, as they tried to escape.
One got away and was trailing behind.
The monsters kept running straight, and heading out of town south
The party ran down the two in the lead, and got close enough to trick them into throwing their axes.
Tried to run them through with a spear like a lance,
As they hit one, Sen was carried off the horse, almost knocking off Bertand, and Dwindler had to take the reigns.
As they finally turned around and caught up, they killed the two.
The one in the back finally catches up, They managed to knock it out.
As per the apothecary’s request earlier, it was brought alive for him to dissect and collect a liver.
The Apothecary jumps off of the granary and feather falls to the ground, seeing this, Dwindler joins in the dissection and asks him to teach her magic
she gets a spleen
he sends her to get the heart of a skeleton.


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