The Rose of Cheldraen

The Battle of Fort Valemont

The Backstory

Party is conscripted to join the army of Cheldraen. Many of them have lost their home villages to the conflict, and some have been hapless travelers in the wrong place at the wrong time. As they train, they are a part of a company designed to lead the front lines against the Invasion of Kelgruthorn.

After Kelgruthorn captures Fort Valemont, an important trade route and military waypoint fort in the defense of the Barony of Valkafell, the company is sent in a as an ill-prepared wave of grunts hoping to take the fort through sheer numbers. The military commanders have apparently deemed the costs of attrition to be acceptable.

After the successful capture of Fort Valemont, the company of 1000 has been reduced to about 400 survivors. The approach of a full company from Kelgruthorn is imminent, and the Lieutenant in charge of the company plans a similarly bone-headed plan to hold the fort against the incursion. Deeming the mission to be suicidal, he prepares the troops and plots to abandon the fort just before the conflict.

That night, Private Bertand Cooper blocks him and his personal guard inside of the fort HQ, and set it on fire, burning them to death. In the leaderless aftermath, he rides the white flag to meet the army from Kelgruthorn, and negotiates a peaceful surrender of the Fort, allowing the survivors to leave without combat. Most of the company disperses to head back to their own homes, but Private Cooper and the rest of his squad begin to travel to the Capitol, Hillgrade, to turn themselves in to military judgment regarding their treason/desertion. The rest of the squad travels with him to support him.


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