The Kingdom of Cheldraen

The Kingdom to the South. It has engaged in skirmishes with Kelgruthorn for the last 30 years and has recently declared war. They have a habit of conscripting soldiers and fighting with sheer numbers as opposed to proper training and strategy.

The Kingdom of Kelgruthorn

The Kingdom to the North. It has defended against invasion from Cheldraen for the last 30 years. Recently, Cheldraen has declared war against Kelgruthorn. Kelgruthorn responded with an efficient and well-equipped military that trounced upon Cheldraen’s ill-equipped army. The two countries are still at war.

The Barony of Valemont

It used to be the north most barony in Cheldraen, but after Kelgruthorn troops razed the village of Valemont and captured Fort Valemont, they gained control of the barony and it was annexed into Kelgruthorn. The people here have a long memory of Cheldraen rule and resist their “occupation” an have not accepted their new king, despite the overall fairness of Kelgruthorn rule. But they have little ability to resist.

The Barony of Tulcher


It used to be the southernmost barony in Kelgruthorn, and as such the people are hardy and prepared for a Cheldraen invasion. After the recent capture of the Barony of Valemont, most commoners have put away their blades into their attics and focused once again on farming.



A small Knight’s Fee within the Barony of Tulcher, the Galfreyt family has long served the Tulcher family. Galfreytholme is a walled trade town that is the economic center of the Knight’s Fee and holds an open market once a week from which all nearby small hamlets vend in the open bazaar. There are two main roads that pass through town in a cross. Around this intersection spans the open bazaar. Nearby is an inn unimaginatively called “The Crossroads.” Down the west road there is a temple to Som and Gej, headed by High Priest Tilvolley, a priest of Gej. His dark view of The Balance is tempered with an honest desire to help those around him. He is a font of wisdom, but most of the residents find him a little too bleak for their preferences. Nevertheless, he has shown historically to be a powerful ally, both in combat and in politics. He is responsible for muting the energetic and rash wiles of the young Sir Galfreyt.


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