Character Creation

Character Creation

Due to the wide dissemination of information, there is a chance that basic skills that are class specific may be available to any class (or NPC) at a weaker ability.


There is a 60% that a character will have the ability to perform simple cantrips. These cantrips work as per the Wizard’s spell Cantrip when determining effects, however these non-wizard characters are limited to 5 cantrip effects per day, as use of magical energy is exhausting.

Thief Skills

There is a 40% chance that a character will have basic thief skills. No skill points are awarded to distribute, and modifications based on race, dexterity, and armor do apply.

Pick Pockets 10%
Open Locks 5%
Find/Remove Traps 5%
Move Silently 5%
Hide in Shadows 5%
Detect Noise 10%
Climb Walls 40%
Read Languages 0%

Character Creation

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