Small Village

Small (as yet unnamed) Village


This small hamlet is the setting of the current party’s adventures. They are a simple folk who farm the land as serfs. The approximately 1 square mile hamlet is property of the local knight, Sir Galfreyt, whose castle is in the nearby Town Galfreytholme, center of Sir Galfreyt’s Knight’s Fee, the southernmost Fee within the Barony of Tulcher. Galfreytholme is the nearest trade center and once every two weeks the villagers gather their produce and goods in a caravan and travel to Galfreytholme for Trade Day at the open bazaar. The buildings, granaries, and real property all belong to Sir Galfreyt, and the farmland has no delineations between fields or areas of different families, rather they farm cooperatively the whole of the land. The only fences exist to hold the livestock. At the center of the hamlet is a small village square with shops and services necessary to maintain the community, encircled about a well. Three roads come into town center. To south a road that leads to the Barony of Valemont. To the Northwest a road that leads to another small village. To the Northeast a road that leads to Galfreytholme.


The buildings are simple frames of wood with cobb walls, thresh floors, an mudded thatch roofs. The typical farmhouse is a small house with a main chamber with a hearth, a lavatory, and a family bedchamber. The typical shops are a similar setup with a large front room before the main hearth chamber, the front room boosts a business counter and shelving/workspace if applicable. Granaries are about 25 feet tall and have a pulley arm extend out above a high window for ease of loading/unloading. There is also a ladder that leads to the top of the granary from the outside.

Central village square


Guard Post

This building is on the north side of the town square and serves as a pseudo town hall. The front room boosts a jail cell and is therefore one of the only buildings to have partial stone construction. The jail cell has a stone floor with an anchor for chains in the very center. Captain Tiron, Captain of the Guard, a proud man, serves as the voice of the town. The Grimlock attacks which destroyed nearly 40% of the town’s original population have driven him to drink, and he is never without a full flask. He is not a great warrior, but he is full of courage and is the last remaining of the guard that hasn’t either been eaten by grimlocks or run away.


A busy and industrious man, he lives with his wife and a son who is apprenticing under him.


The tavern hall is only ever busy in the evening when all the field work is done. The Tapper is a generous man, and reserves his judgments for himself.


Terry is an odd sort. Little is really known about him. He has been in the village for the past thirty years yet still looks like a young man in his twenties. His cold, otherworldly manner is unsettling to most, but he is well tolerated in the village as he has long been a great boon to the people. His poultices are without peer, his prices are more than fair, as if he didn’t really care about money, and he obviously has some magical ability, as he is capable of producing and selling many potions. He keeps mostly to himself and is always partially involved in town affairs, even if little more than an observer. He has done nothing to drive social interaction or town betterment, but his services are well valued and well appreciated, even if his motivations are unclear. He has recently taken in Dwindler as a student to mentor. They have an arrangement where he aides Dwindler with her studies and in return she is tasked by researching and fetching certain hard to come by items for his own private research.


The blacksmith is a large, strong man of few words. Stoic and large. He is nearly always seen with his leather apron and gloves, some jest that he never removes them, not even to sleep. Until recently, he has lived alone. During the grimlock raids a family was decimated, all but a three year old little girl who hid under the bed and listened to the slaughter above her as her family’s blood poured through the boards on top of her. Traumatized, she has all but forgotten and blocked those events from her psyche. She now plays and laughs like any other child, and is the world to the blacksmith, whom is her uncle and now adoptive father. He would move mountains for her.

General Store

A small man with a loud voice, the shopkeeper works as the town trader, grocer, and broker. All town lending and appraisal runs through him. He lives with his 12 year old daughter, Crystal, who is stricken with a bad case of attitude. She minds the front of the store while he handles household chores as a single parent. She is more interested in reading her books than tending to customers, and is extremely dismissive rather than helpful. Always keeping one ear on the shop, the shopkeeper often shouts from the back rooms to keep her in line. Crystal will, however, set her book aside for the attractive young men of the town.


This large family recently lost their father in the grimlock raids. He stayed behind to make sure they all got out first and he was ripped back inside while he was halfway escaping from the window to follow them. His wife has taken up the business, but does not have the skill that her husband had. She is aided by her two teenage boys, while her teenage daughter watches the young boy and girl and the new baby. She has had a hard time adjusting, and is in a constant frazzled state.

Small Village

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