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The Rose of Cheldraen

Cheldraen is a place seething with political conflicts. Highly feudal, there are as many internal conflicts as there are external. The lands are divided into baronies and knight’s fees, all with their own loyalties and complex interactions.

Fertile and Temperate, there is much room for expansion and development of the land, but the numerous monsters keep the small populations in check and prevent such expansion. As a result, much of the land is still wild and untamed, and trips to the nearest market town can be dangerous if you do not live along the well-traveled trade routes.

The density of the population has created a wide dissemination of information among the public, however, and magic has become commonplace. Even the standard peasants have the opportunity to learn simple cantrips to make daily life just a little bit easier. While stronger magics are still hard to come by and highly sought after, weak and minor magical items are somewhat more accessible, akin to fine jewelry.

Main Page

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